September 9, 2008

National Parking Day 2008

What is National Park(ing) Day you may ask, and that's just what I was wondering when it came through an email today. I was intrigued so I linked through to the 'Conserving Land for People' website. Essentially the goal is to celebrate parks in cities and promote the need for more parks by creating temporary public parks in public parking spaces. National Park(ing) Day is Friday, September 19, 2008.

Okay so we are not a big city devoid of greenery and open space, but it got me thinking just the same. Here on the Plateau we have open space all around, should we be concerned about parks? I think we should. The economy might be weak now but our building moritorium is soon to be lifted and the building boom will be ON. As our downtown grows will small pockets of greenery be preserved or better yet implemented into design plans. I wonder about these things.

How great would it be to have a small kids park downtown Enumclaw with monkey bars, tire swing and the whole deal. The logging memorial is wonderful and Rotary park is truly a blessing, but how long do either hold the attention of a 5 year old?

... and what about Enumclaw's development of a city wide equestrian theme? Wouldn't it be cool to see hitching post and horses calmly munching grass waiting for their loyal owners to finish their beer at the local 'saloon'. I mean really what's an equestrian theme without a few trails leading into town and designated "hitch your horse" areas.

What do you think? Start letting your city (whether Black Diamond, Enumclaw, Buckley or Burnett) know what you'd like your town to look like. They'll never be able to satisfy our needs if we don't speak up.