March 19, 2009

Who's watching over our natural resources?

Today I went to the Enumclaw library to vote for King Conservation Districtor supervisor. Lisa Parsons from asked me to get the information to as many people as I could. KCD is a very important organization working with virtually all municipalities within King County with the exception of a few. Enumclaw is one of those exceptions, along with Federal Way, Skykomish, Milton and Pacific.

As a resident of city of Enumclaw I was not able to vote on something I care deeply about. Which got me wondering...."who made that decision for me?". I was never asked if I minded my voting right being taken away. Did the Enumclaw city Council really vote not to participate? Did they even realize what the KCD election was all about?

How did all of this go un-noticed in a community that succeeded in keeping Nestle Water North America out of our water supply.

I encourage you to watch the KCD video and then ask the City of Enumclaw to get involved and step up to the task of being better stewards of our natural resources. The issues the KCD board of supervisors assist with are important for the future managment of our rivers, streams and open spaces.