September 10, 2009

Play on Words, But True ©

by R. S. Gaylord June 5, 2009

It is hard to stay home on the range

When the deer and the antelope’s gone.

Now days you’ll hear all discouraging words

And my eyes are cloudy all day.

I’m leaving the range for cities so evil

Willie Nelson found pitfalls real.

My life on the range faces massive change

It’s no longer there to enjoy.

Urban expansion it’s called, these terrible days

Pushing ranchers away by choice.

Houses replacing animals and sage;

Developers everywhere with voice.

I have sold out at last, life is no “blast”

To the cities I shall go

A life so dull display screens will lull

And the sky is covered all day.

You can go all over without seeing clover

And never leave buildings at all

Life’s not the same, slightly insane

Where did peace and beauty go?

posted as a comment to a June 2009 blog post (June 9, 2009 10:15 AM)

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