June 11, 2008

Who decides about Neslte Water North America?

There is an adhoc committee being formed to gather information about Nestle Water.

The only council members to adamantly say they were against continuing negotiations were Liz Reynolds and Jim Hogan. The others all said they would like more information in order to best represent the public. I don't know about you but I've yet to speak with anyone who is for this.

Michael Innis will chair the AdHoc committee along with Kevin Mahelona and Jeff Beckwith. The first meeting is 6/19 Thursday at 6pm and open to the public. (Call the city to make sure this time and date has not been changed. )

If you can make it please try. (I have a prior engagement to watch my son perform in a musical. Obviously I cannot miss that.) Get in touch with council members and voice your concerns. I've sent emails, but I've only heard back from Jim Hogan and Richard Elfers. Please keep in mind the council members found out about these negotiations the same time all of us did. They had absolutely nothing to do with bringing Nestle Water to town, so be respectful in your communications with them.

I was very impressed with comments from Jim Hogan and Liz Reynolds. Liz has put a lot of care and thought into researching Nestle Water and speaking with other communities that now regret their decision to bring Nestle into their towns. A key point she made was: Enumclaw is investing a lot of money to develop our tourism plan. How does it look to be hosting a "GREEN" King County Fair and then sporting a 250,000 square foot bottling plant. Plastics rely heavily on the use of petroleum as well as the hundreds of trucks that will be using ours roads 24/7.

I'm with Liz and Jim lets just stop the negotiations and use the council and admitstrators time to pursue talks with industries who are already authenticly exhibiting social and environmental responsible business practices.

Nestle's lip service to being GREEN is just that. A LEED certified building does not erase the fact they plan to pave over 30 acres of prime pasture land and fertile dirt. How about finding a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farmer willing to come in and set up an organic farm. We are going to need locally grown food not bottled water.

Share your thoughts and comments.

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