October 29, 2008


It seems that my last email caused a ripple of discomfort for some of our readers. I assure you that was not my intent. Nor do I plan on using this blog or the Mindful Intent magazine as a political forum. I must however admit that I am indeed skewed towards the liberal viewpoint. I own a yoga studio and I'm starting a GREEN magazine, of course my beliefs are a bit skewed. I loved reading Travis's letters in the Courier Herald. The post on the Courier Herald website were even more fun. As a business owner is it suicide to voice these views? In a small town such as Enumclaw it might be, in which case I've already made the blunder.

I'm sometimes oblivious how my comments effect people, and if you only knew the verbal blunders I've made, you'd never visit this site again. I ask that you accept my mistakes with tolerance. I truly do not wish to offend, but it's impossible to please everyone, and stay true to my own personal beliefs at the same time. One thing I will not be, is a hypocrite, yes I vote democrat for most things. If that goes against your beliefs I hope you'll resist the urge to unsubscribe from future email and continue to support this blog and e-mag anyway.

Many of you know that I live with my parents. If you didn't then yes I was one of very few who at the EHS 1983 class reunion stood up and said "I live in my childhood home". I also live with a very conservative father. Imagine the heated conversations we have at the dinner table. One of my best friends and her husband are also conservative.

In fact I had dinner with them Sunday night and watched a program called "The top 10 reasons not to vote for Obama". I had a great time, as I always do with this couple. We talked about the show, we disagreed and then agreed that we were skewed towards opposite ends of the moderate line.

We talked about Unions a little, cap and trade policies and Joe the Plumber. It was fun in my opinion. What ever happens in the election these are still my friends and my family. I would not be a very good yoga instructor if I did not accept and tolerate differences. I hope you will do the same....and most importantly I hope you vote. Either party, just vote and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Vote that is. Okay, that's it for this occasional political activist.

(This comic was sent by my brother-in-law after reading this post. I think he's a conservative, at least that's what his liberal leaning UW daughter tells me.)

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