October 29, 2008

A few hours in Buckley

I thought I'd share a few Buckley businesses I dropped by this morning. I had a meeting to tour Cascadia (future review) which got cancelled and so I had some time to drop by The Hometown Restaurant for breakfast. I'd heard they sunk a ton of money into the renovation and I was pleasantly surprised by the transformation. They reopened in June after 6 months of construction. Not just construction but loving care and attention to detail. The entry is beautiful natural wood and they pealed the carpet up to reveal a lovely hardwood floor. Diane, one of the owners greeted me with a bright cheery 'hello, what can I get for you'. It definitely has that Hometown feel that I love. I tried the Malted Waffle and really enjoyed the experience. Not too sweet a little eggy, soft inside, crispy outside just how I like my waffles. I was brought a nice selection of teas, chatted with Diane a little more and left with a smile on my face and an intention to share the experience with our Mindful Intent community. The owners of this restaurant are definitely invested in the Buckley community and committed to sharing their love for people and food.

Next I headed over to Dell's farm supply. You know the one in the wonderful old historic building near the museum. How wonderful to walk inside and be greeted by Scruffy the calico cat. Steve Whitehead the manager and Torina were also there to greet me and fill my order for flax seed. The flax seed is for some eye pillows I'm making for Brennan's school mates. I stayed and talked for a while. According to my son I do too much of that when I'm out on my errands, and now he's doing it too. It's amazing the things you learn when you hangout for a few minutes with the local business owners. I found out that the current Dell's has been a feed store for decades and there is some debate as to when the building was put up. Some say 1909 and others 1919, no one really knows for sure because the records were destroyed in a fire at the Buckley city hall. I was tempted to stay longer and find out all sorts of things but duty to the studio and magazine beckoned me back to Enumclaw.

Next time your in Buckley check out the transformations taking place along main street and support our local businesses on the plateau.